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Be The Best You Can Be!


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Do you feel stuck in your life?

Are negative beliefs, habits or fears holding you back?

Want to feel confident, happy and in control of your life?

I can support you to make positive changes to live a fulfilled abundant life.

Be The Best You Can Be!


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I can support you to change your negative beliefs, habits or fears and to move forward to live the life you want and deserve!


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By changing your self-limiting beliefs you can change your thoughts and actions and make long lasting positive changes.

Wellness Coaching

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You can relax, feel full of energy and create a healthy life balance. I can support you to reach your healthy living goals.


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This whole birth education programme supports you to feel confident and empowered to have the birth you really want.

Take responsibility for your life and go for it!

Whatever your situation and goals are, I can support you to move forward in your life and on your journey of personal growth and healing. I am passionate about supporting the people of Norfolk and Suffolk and beyond!

You deserve to feel as healthy, happy and energised as possible with time to enjoy your life to the full. This process can help you to develop greater meaning and purpose in your life.


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I can’t recommend Karen’s Hypnotherapy highly enough.  From the beginning I felt really comfortable talking to her.

Isabel W.